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Click for WP Engine Free Auto Migration Plugin.

Current Coupon Code

spacer. Free WP Engine Automated Migration Plugin: MIGRATETOWPE
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Offer Details

WP Engine Automated Migration plugin for FREE with the 48-hour special offer code.
  • Use promo code MIGRATETOWPE in your cart when you order.

WP Engine has introduced the WP Engine Automated Migration, a new plugin that reduces the time it takes to fully migrate a site to their WordPress hosting platform. If you’ve ever migrated a site, you know it is difficult, time-consuming, and often expensive. With the WP Engine Automated Migration plugin, they’ve taken the hassle out of the equation.

Expires July 1, 2015.

Validity: Offer valid for new customers only; does not apply to upgrades or existing customers. Customer must purchase an annual Personal, Professional, or Business plan. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Bullet green large.Visit http://www.wpengine.com/

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