P. Roberts.

Patricia M. Roberts


Having begun her career in publishing as a proofreader, Pat Roberts eventually found her true calling as a freelance editor. Working with numerous industry-specific and in-house publications, she found herself increasingly drawn to digital media, and the numerous opportunities it presented. While her initial online assignments were most often related to content aggregation, Ms. Roberts also ventured into review writing and editing for a wide-range of clients.

Her first attempt at creating a website led her to recognize the dire need for unbiased, fact-based website hosting reviews. Together with Mr. Ailed, she co-founded the current incarnation of NCM Online.

Ms. Roberts currently makes her home in New York City with her extremely-mixed-breed dog, Xena. Her interests include riding, antique clothing and animal welfare.

A. Ailed.

Anthony Ailed


Anthony Ailed has been designing and building websites since the late ’90s. Originally a typesetter by trade, he developed a fascination — some might say, “an obsession” — with the prospect of working online. Intrigued by publishing software, Tony utilized books and web tutorials to achieve proficiency in QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, and eventually, WordPress.

Long-familiar with the unreliability of web hosting reviews, Mr. Ailed recognized the need for unbiased, data-driven assessments of hosting services. Late in 2013, he began researching methods of evaluating the efficiency and reliability of web servers before selecting a service that could be used to compile and analyze performance data. Tony explored and compiled fact-based criteria that could effectively gauge the relative value of any shared web hosting service. The result was NCM Online’s exclusive, 80%-data-driven ranking methodology.

A born-and-bred New York City resident, Mr. Ailed’s interests include golf, photography, fine art, and the literary works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, and Raymond Chandler.


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