Top 10 Web Hosting Companies & Sites 2021

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BBB Rating Additional Information
5 stars. A2 Hosting logo. A2 Hosting Review $7.99 3.92
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A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#2 4 stars. InMotion Hosting logo. InMotion Hosting Review $8.99 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#3 4.5 stars. GreenGeeks logo. GreenGeeks Hosting Review $9.95 4.95 & 2.95!* A Read Review Click to visit website.
#4 4.5 stars. Hub logo. Hub $8.99 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#5 4.5 stars. hostrocketlogo. HostRocket $7.99 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#6 4.5 stars. Omnis logo. Omnis $6.95 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#7 4.5 stars. WestHost logo. WestHost $6.00 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#8 4.5 stars. Dotster logo. Dotster $3.75 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#9 4.5 stars. iPage logo. iPage $9.49 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.
#10 4.5 stars. Certified Hosting logo. Certified Hosting $6.95 A+ Read Review Click to visit website.

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Reading reviews photo.Real reviews that don’t sound like they were written by the hosting company’s marketing department. NCM Online evaluations include page-load speed and reliability test results as well as current BBB ratings.

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Getting promo codes photo.Get the best possible web hosting deal. Promo codes and current discounts, including NCM Online exclusives, for more than 50 web hosting services. Be certain to stop by our coupon codes page before you buy.

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Speediest hosts photo.The need for speed has never been greater. All web hosts reviewed are tested and ranked for page-load speed from 13 worldwide and 7 U.S. locations. Which hosts are the fastest? NCM Online provides the answers.

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Checking companies photo.Looking for unbiased web hosting evaluations? 80% of NCM Online‘s Host Ranking Methodology is based on collected data. See the exact formulas used to rate and rank the best web hosting services.

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Why You Can Trust Our Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews


Web hosting review sites have a less-than-stellar reputation within the technology industry. Unfortunately, that view is not without merit.

The vast majority of top 10 website hosting sites that provide reviews are affiliate sites — including this one. We are paid a commission when a visitor referred from our site purchases hosting. If not for affiliate commissions, it is unlikely that many review sites would even exist.

While there is nothing to prevent affiliate sites from providing honest reviews — the unfortunate fact remains — it is faster, cheaper, and easier not to. Purchasing hosting services and setting up test sites takes time and costs money. Using third-party testing services to evaluate the quality of those services takes even more time and costs even more money.

Therefore, all too many affiliate sites simply skip to the review writing part. That can be done quickly, cheaply, and easily.

Further complicating the matter is the fact that some of the worst hosting companies pay some of the highest affiliate commissions in order to counter poor word of mouth. This of course, encourages less-than-reputable affiliates to post positive evaluations of low-quality hosts.


We realize that trust is earned — not given. At NCM Online we have and will continue to work very hard to gain and maintain the trust of our visitors.

Before our first review was written, we decided to provide facts instead of opinion whenever and wherever possible. The system we designed to rate and rank moderately-priced and cheap top 10 web hosting services relies on evaluations of 10 different criteria: price, ease-of-use, disk space, bandwidth, page-load speed, uptime percentage, support, BBB rating, money-back guarantee, and satisfaction. Eight of the 10 are fact-based, while only two (ease-of use and satisfaction) rely on opinion.

Further, we decided to make the entire process completely transparent to our visitors by publishing our entire methodology. We also decided to utilize the services of an independent third-party testing firm — Dotcom Monitor — to monitor and record the uptime percentage and page-load speed test data.

We believe that the results of our methodology combined with third-party testing allow us to publish fact-based web hosting reviews that are largely free of bias. But ultimately, what we believe is of little consequence. We leave it to you, the visitor, to judge the success of our efforts.

Should you have questions or comments concerning our web hosting top 10 ratings or ranking methodology, please visit our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Price comparisons listed on this page are based on 1-year term renewal price divided by 12 months, and are exclusive of coupon/promo codes or limited time/introductory offer discounts. These are the prices a customer would pay in year two when renewing an annual plan. BBB Ratings have been obtained via the Better Business Bureau website at BBB.org/council/. Please note that while ncmonline.com may act as an affiliate for the hosting services listed on this site, a company’s inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement by ncmonline.com of that company or its products and services. To read our endorsements, please visit the NCM Online Website Hosting Reviews page. Visit NCM Online on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.